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Come experience how sensational a guided waterfowl hunt can be in our south eastern Saskatchewan location.  We are located in the heart of the Saskatchewan Flyway.

We hunt in fields and over water. Both methods can produce a good variety of ducks and geese.  The majority of birds harvested are mallards, pintails, and Canada geese both greater and lesser. Other species that may be harvested are snows, blues, ross, white fronted geese, teal, gadwalls, widgeons, shovellers, ruddy ducks, redheads, canvasbacks, ringnecks, golden eyes, buffleheads, scaups, and sandhill cranes.  It's not uncommon to harvest duck limits daily.

"Spend time hunting waterfowl with us in Saskatchewan and spend the rest of your life talking about it!"


Warning:  This site contains photos of sportsman harvesting waterfowl.  If this might offend you, please do not enter our site!

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