A typical day:

Early morning wake up - light breakfast of muffins, toast, and/or cereal with coffee and juice.

Early departure - set up decoys and blinds.

10 a.m. to Noon - return to home base for brunch.

Noon to 3 p.m. - Hunters relax, sleep or have free time.

If ducks are not harvested in the morning then we will have a late afternoon duck hunt.

Dark geese- greater and lesser, and speckled bellies can only be hunted until noon.  Ross, snows, and blues can be hunted all day.

Upland game bird hunts are available in the afternoon.  You will be placed in a specific area and must hunt on foot. The dog(s) may accompany you.

Return to home base for evening meal.    



September – weather temperature ranges of 42 – 62 degrees F.

October – weather temperature ranges from 25 – 52 degrees F.

Fall weather can be unpredictable.  Be sure to bring some warm insulated clothing, boots, gloves, and face masks.  Due to unpredictable weather, SaskSkye Waterfowl Outfitters reserves the right to change hunt plans according to the weather.  For example, after a snow/rainstorm, we will not be field shooting, because of mud problems, creating unnecessary tension with land owners.  Instead we will be pass shooting, or duck hunting over water.​

Group 3-22