Passionate about what we do!

Your host, Ron Yanyk, has always been a passionate hunter and guide. His guiding career began in 1992.  He specialized in hunting waterfowl, whitetail deer, and black bears.  His knowledge and determination as a guide quickly spread and other outfitters in the area took notice.  Ron began guiding for other outfitters every spring and fall.

While working for a northern outfitter, Ron rediscovered his passion for waterfowl hunting.  He realized he had a real opportunity to provide quality waterfowl hunts from his home in southern Saskatchewan. SaskSkye Waterfowl Outfitters took flight in 2005 and Ron has been providing clients with some of the best waterfowl hunting Canada has to offer ever since.

If you read enough hunting magazines you may have already came across a few articles where Ron's clients have boasted about their guide's talents.  Take a look at our Testimonials page.  Ron will do everything he can to make your hunt a successful one. 

Your hostess is Kathleen, Ron's wife of 40 years. Kathleen enjoys several aspects of the waterfowl business including cooking and baking for clientele with big appetites, the photography, office and computer work.

Ron Yanyk

Friends and Dogs...

Friends and Family


Coach came to us at the age of 7 to fill in for Blue. He is a great addition to our family and is now happily retired.


This is Blue who was Ron’s waterfowl and beaver retriever dog.
He was a great friend and an amazing diver. He is also sadly missed.


This is Skye, Ron’s hunting partner for which the business is named after. Skye passed away after many successful seasons. He is sadly missed. 1996 – 2012

Friends and Family

Left to Right: Lee , Deuce, Kathleen, Ron, Boo, Trent