We would like to share just some of the emails and thank you letters we've received over the years from our guests.  Your comments are always welcomed!

"Just a quick note to let you both know how much I enjoyed my recent visit with you. I've chased "feathers" for the last 30 yrs in both North & South America and this has to rank up there as one of the most memorable. To shoot limits of ducks and geese each day was nothing short of spectacular! Ron- I appreciate all the hard work and time you put in scouting and in putting us exactly where they wanted to be. Kathleen- your warmth, hospitality and cooking made me feel welcome and more like a guest in your home and not just a client. Most of all, I appreciate your patience and putting up with 'us'. Looking forward to returning next year and we'll do our best to get you some new clients. As I said, feel free to use as a reference anytime. "    Doc of Birmingham, AL

"I wanted to thank you both once again for an outstanding waterfowl hunting experience!  . . .  . .It didn't take long for me to realize that I was going to get a lot more out of the trip than I had expected. We all thought that the hunting was exceptional. Ron, you are an awesome guide. I have never seen someone work as hard as you do.  Like Stan said, " I would hate to be any animal and know that Ron was after me!" It is obvious that your hard work pays off . . . To sum it all up, we had an excellent time.  I was afraid that once I made it to Canada for a hunt I would be hooked, my fear came true.  You are wonderful people and I am anxious to visit my new friends again!"  Chad B.  of Kingsville, MO

"I so enjoyed the week up there with you all and look forward to next year's hunt. It was so nice to see the country up there and add to it by shooting waterfowl for a week straight and coming in to a meal fit for a king every time.   Thank you for all that you did to make the trip as perfect as it was."  Brandon S. of Birmingham, AL

"We all had a great time. The hunts, the food, and your hospitality were beyond our expectations.  There is a good chance you will be seeing us again."  Larry B. of Cape Girardeau, MO


"Thanks again for your hospitality and Ron's extremely hard work and efforts.  It was truly beyond my expectations - both the hunting and the food!!! We talked to 2 different parties on the plane home who were a little frustrated with their hunt.  Of course, we gave them your information. Please feel free to give my name as a reference. I will be glad to talk with anyone about your operation!"  Doug M. of Jackson, MO


 "I just wanted to say "Thank you" from Stan's family. It was so nice of you to send the pictures to our home while the guys were there. We got to enjoy them while he was there. It let us know he was doing fine.  He told us about the good cooking and kindness to them. . . Ron went far above and beyond your hunting contract. . . He finally told me that this was the most fun he has ever had hunting.  Thanks again for your hospitality."  Terri W. (wife of Stan) Cape Girardeau, MO


​"Mark and I thank you for the OUTSTANDING hunt and most of all the friendship and courtesy shown. . . The meals spoiled both of us and were a highlight of the hunt that cannot be expressed in words!  The duck recipe was great! . . . I am already working hard to set up a larger group for next year.  I will also pass on to others a strong recommendation on your behalf."   Tom D. of Melbourne, FL


"Thank you so much for the great time and the hospitality! It was such a relaxing time and I really wish I was back there now. Hope you have a great winter and I can't wait to see you again."  Mike G. Littleton, CO

"I hunted with Ron and truly had the best waterfowl hunt of my life there. . . The hospitality was outstanding, the service was tremendous, and the meals were fantastic.  Not only does he have a very nice setup at his home base, but there are DU projects right nearby!  I would highly recommend Ron and his outfit if you are looking for bird hunting. . ."  Brian D. 


"Hi . . . spent the day picking up our dogs and taking the 2 Geese to the taxidermist, we want you both to know that we feel that you folks run a first class operation, it is our intention to return many times and we both would be more than happy to serve as references if you desire, the meals were outstanding and watching Ron set the decoys and reset the decoys and then reset the decoys again, till he had the birds coming in right where he wanted them was a work of art, I regret we never got to watch Blue do his magic, however Coach was a delight and a wonderful addition to our experience, Kathleen if you have the time please email any and all pictures you have of us and our group---------------------thanks again ---------------- gt"  Gary T. of Alpena, MI




"I just wanted to thank you for the great time I had hunting ducks and geese . . . This was the first time I've hunted in Canada, and I'm coming back! The ducks were so close, often I had to wait for them to fly off a little so my pattern would open up; and the Canadian geese are huge! The shooting was great and the food; Kathleen you are a great cook, I really enjoyed the lasagna and your marinated duck. Best Regards, Mike P. Birmingham, AL


"Hi Kathleen, Trent took some great pictures, and I am sure he will be sharing them with you------------as always the DUCKINATOR------------A.K.A. Ron did a top shelf job with the birds, and you fed me more great grub than I could eat-----we would like to hunt again next year----------gt"  Gary T. of Alpena, MI


"Thank you for the hospitality during our recent trip to bird hunt.  It was nice for you to have us in your home each day for brunch and supper.  Kathleen, the food was outstanding; all meals.  Thank you.  And Ron, I appreciate all you do to get us set up and ready to hunt.  Your organization is exemplary, and the key to success.  In addition to finding the birds of course.  Thank you.  I have hunted all my life and absolutely love it.  I cannot believe I have never traveled north to hunt.  But now that I have, I can say without question, I'll return if able and will bring others after a few trips.  Thanks again for everything!  I had a great time.  Hope to see you next fall."    Dr. George T.


"We had a wonderful trip (as usual). As I have told you before the quality of the hunting there is incomparable to other places I've been and I've been a lot of places chasing waterfowl. Although this is in no small part due to the abundance of birds a very large part is due to you and Ron. Ron-you are one of the hardest working guides I've ever been with- the long hours and countless miles put in scouting, the meticulous attention to equipment and setting up have always given us great shooting. As always Kathleen always makes us feel like friends and family and not just clients. The outstanding meals don't hurt either. I (we) are already looking forward to returning . . . We'll take the last week just as before. Hope your holiday season is merry and Blessed.     P.S. Never hesitate to use me as a reference if someone asks."  Doc of Birmingham, AL



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