What to bring:

  • Chest waders.
  • A head lamp for setting up decoys and blinds in the dark.
  • Face masks and hats in both camo and in white!
  • Camouflage clothing is a must. Advantage Wetland, Fall Flight, Shadow Grass are good choices.
  • Soft gun case.
  • If you plan to take birds home bring a cooler.
  • Ammunition orders can be coordinated with SaskSkye.
  • A digital camera to capture your hunt.
  • If you are hunting in October, white coveralls large enough to go over your hunting clothes and a white face mask.  These are necessary for hunting Snow Geese in fields.  Also for hunting ducks and geese in snow cover.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Coffee thermos
  • Calls – Canada, Snow Goose, and duck call
  • Rain gear
  • Practice your shooting before your trip
  • A back-up gun in your group is a good idea​
Ron with 2 Guests

Ron with 2 guests: Colt and Max